Tomahawk Enduro Performance Grip

Product code: TC14101

  • The ergonomic shape of the Tomahawk Grip effectively reduces hand fatigue and shock via a flared section that disperses pressure at the base of the palm.
  • The grip surface is textured for perfect tactility where it's needed.
  • The reinforced polymer composite grip tube is easy to assemble using a single-sided clamp and an extra clamping force on bar end side . In additions, the alloy bar ends provide different holding positions while climing.
  • Lightweight forged aluminum alloy clamp securely positions the hand grip, eliminating the potential of slippage.
  • Recommended for performance e-bike models, focused on agressive handling and fatigue resistance.
  • Right and left hand specific.
Level:  Premium
Type:  P shape with palmrest
Material:  Alloy Clamp/Polymer tube/Synthetic rubber
Length:  139.0mm
Dimension:  ID. 22.5mm/Thickness. 33-36-35-0.5mm
Depth:  139.0mm
Colour:  Black
Weight:  250.1g
Quantity:  1 Pair