Elite Ultra-Slick Mountain Brake Cable - 2000mm

Product code: J8009808

Elite Ultra-Slick Mountain Brake Cable

8009808 1.5mm Elite Polished Ultra-Slick Stainless 2000mm SRAM®/Shimano® MTB 26.6g 25
  • Highly polished cables offer the ultimate in low-friction performance
  • Extremely durable, as there is no coating to flake or wear off during installation or use
  • Compatible with all performance housings, lubricants and end caps
  • Cable ends on the elite, polished cables are colored black for easy identification

STS-EL - pre-stretched, highly polished, uncoated slick stainless steel spiral-bound cables

Polished Ultra-Slick Stainless Steel:  These ultra-slick stainless cables deliver the ultimate low-friction performance. Rather than using a coating, the Elite Ultra-Slick cables are polished to an even higher level than our Pro Slick cables. Compatible with any housing and lubricant, these Elite level cables deliver incredibly accurate, smooth performance.