Jagwire Racer Brake/Derailleur Complete Cable Kits C Silver

Product code: JRCK011

Jagwire Racer Kit - Complete Brake and Derailleur Kit

Derailleur Housing:
*4mm reinforced LEX with L3 Liner, 1500mm
*Cables: Slick stainless double ended SRAM, Shimano, front: 2300mm, rear 2300mm includes sealed alloy ferrules, donuts, tube tops and tips

Brake Housing:
*5mm Kevlar reinforced compressionless brake housing with L3 Liner, 1600mm *Cables: Slick stainless double ended Shimano, Front 850mm, rear 1650mm, includes open alloy ferrules, donuts, tube tops, tips and 2 EX bend segments

Colour: Carbon Silver

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