Brake Hot Pink

Product code: JMCK402

Jagwire Mountain Pro Brake Kit (Ripcord)

L3 Liner technology improves overall shifting and braking performance while also improving the feel and action of the Levers

* Flurolubricant
* Water Resistant
* Chemically adheres to the liner


* Housing Construction: 5mm Kevlar reinforced housing with L3 Liner

* Compatibility: SRAM /Shimano Mountain

* Front Cable Length: 1350mm

* Rear Cable Length: 2350mm

* Housing Length: 3000mm


* Teflon Coated Slick Stainless

Small Parts:
* 2 Lined Ferrules
* 2 Nosed Ferrules
* 2 POP ferrules
* 3 Cable Donuts
* 2 Cable Tips
* 650mm Sealing Liner

Colour: Hot Pink